Doctor’s consultations…

Our ancestors were going to the temples admiring, looking for revival. Today our temples are spacy shopping markets, where it’s much to see, to spend the time and buy something. We went from the “I eat to live” to “I live to eat” perception. During the consultations the people are saying I want to take the only pleasure they got – eating. And then I ask – what is the price payed and why the food cannot be also healthy and tasty? I am laugthing that near every shopping center there is drugstore attached with the intension – eat what you want how much you want and we will help you then. We are spending the nights watching the TV, near the PC, we drink alcohol, we sleep late and how much we want when we want or can – and the health is getting lower and lower each year regardless to science achievements. Till we are alive it’s not too late to change our routine and habits.

During the consultations we will talk:

  • What to eat: what is the healthy food and how to know it’s healthy;
  • about harmonizing the food products;
  • about eating ethics;
  • learn to know the dominating type – dosha: Vata, Pita or Kapha;
  • what food, it’s preparation or spices is best suitable for each invidual;
  • when to eat and how much to eat;
  • what is the cause of the stress and how to lighten them;
  • about healthy slimmering;
  • how to live quality life: not to suffer and how to be usefull for others.

Price: 50.00 €  Time: up to 60 min. Offers