Shirodhara is one of the most valuable ayurvedis treatments. The name itself is formed from two words: Shiro – head and dhara meaning dripping. During this treatment the oil, milk, whey or herb decoction is driped on the forehead to the third eye. Treatment is most effective with whole body or at least head, neck, face oil massage and cleanse (Panchakarma). This is not only very pleasant procedure, bet also healthful and deep relaxing. It is very benefitial to the troubles of all the five sences (hearing, sight, taste, touch, smell) and their body parts (ears, eyes, tongue-mouth, head and face skin and nose).

This massage effects:

  • heals nervous illnesses, insomnia, lessens depression, worries and even have positive results with medication of epilepsia. Helps with nervous twitch, stress, obsessive minds, low mood control. There is good influence to psychiatric problems;
  • heals the ear, nose, lose of balance (Menjer’s syndrome), throat, synusis problems;
  • helps to regain the voice;
  • improves the eyesight;
  • better brain blood stream leads to improved memory, attencion also lessens dizziness;
  • decreses headaches, also migraine;
  • improves skin elasticity, heals some of skin illneses as psoriasis. Also has anti-wrickle effect;
  • positive effect to partly face paresis, whole body or partly paresis or paralysis;
  • with head massage it leads to better bloodflow in the head thus helping with loosing or damaged hair as it helps to nurture hair follicles;
  • positive effect to blood-pressure;
  • heals asthma;
  • stimulates endocrine system;
  • youthens;
  • positive effect to energetic points – marmas;
  • stimulates the activity in VI and VII chakras so it helps the spirituality and lessens spiritual practices.

Shirodhara is not recommended with:

  • very disbalanced psychic;
  • sudden schizophrenia;
  • brain cancer;
  • pregnancy;
  • big skin infections or injuries;
  • active alcoholism;
  • any chemical intoxication;
  • invidual allergy to oil, milk or any herbs.


The person lays on massage table after whole or partly body oiling. On his forehead in upper part than the brows the warm, rich oil (different one for each dosha) flows in trickle. Eyes are covered with natural cloth.

Price: 29.00 €  Time: 25 min. Offers