About us

What does it mean Satvika?

Satvika = Satva. From the origin of Sanskrit it means ‘pure’. This is the practice not to be attached to the results, especially money or honour. This goal provides stability and calmness. Only calm person can help other, especially when the hand touch, words, hearts are needed.

In India girls are given the name Satvika, which has seven good qualities: purity, wisdom, devotion, diligence, patience, clemency, generosity. In our practice we will be seeking for these qualities. While practice to the better connection to the Creator and teaching of our spiritual leaders we are seeking to work from all the heart, conscientiously, humbly to the spirit which calls us. Understandingly, but not breaking our morality. Not indulging to the weaknesses of ourselves or others. We will be generous with our hearth warmth, sensibility, monetary discounts, sweet Ayurvedic treats, Ayurvedic coffee or tea. We will be seeking that everybody came from city crowd would feel like entered calm paradise, where transcendent music is playing, smells of incense sticks, candles and massage oils enjoys the nose and  above all there are desire to help and hospitality. We are not saying that’s just at our place rather we say and in our place…

For the morality we are seeking from the scripts, our spiritual leaders’ example, the perfect harmonized Mother Nature, which gives us the flowers, the food, the milk. We are seeking to eat only sattvic food. In the consultations and lectures we will be telling about sattvic food for these who seek for better quality of life. We have a goal to share everything what we were given with love and tried ourselves and thus we can say – it works. We believe that only fair actions can lead to the long-term benefit: happiness, calmness, health, service to all the people.

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Sincerely Yours, Asta and Vytautas

Asta about herself…

Why me?

I am classical medicine doctor with big experience. It’s strange to name medicine, which only lasts few hundred years, classical, while ayurveda, which started 5000 years ago, is named alternative.Ayurveda is science about happy life, and medicine is science about illnesses.

Fourteen years ago I started looking for another ways for curing illnesses. Because I understood there’s no cure for the cause of illness and just for the consequence. This search was over, when I started studying in Ayurveda academy. My studies lasted two courses. And I’m studying further while listening to lectures and attending the seminars. I know that knowledge has no boundaries. And because of this I ask from myself much more. This works, for sure works, and because of this it is worth changing your whole lifestyle and nutrition. About this we will be talking during our private consultations and lectures.

Vytautas about himself…

Why me?

Everybody whom I haven’t met for longer time is surprised by the changes in my life. I am architect-engineer. Till the time I was creating the beauty and cosiness in my clients’ houses. Now the time has come to make the lives of people’s more beautiful by my hands and heart doing ayurvedic massages. I started learning these when my wife asked. Asta was always very keen about massages, but full schedule and other circumstances does not let to her to fulfill the wish as much as wanted. I am humbly thankful for my master Darius Kauneckas, who shared his enormous massaging experience. From the first lectures long time has passed yet. I gave many massages as gifts when my friends started asking – Where can we get them? We want to give them as gifts for friends, relatives.. That’s how it got the idea to open our ayurvedic massage salon. I believe, that for fulfilling massage it’s most important not the good technique (I’ve got that), but the calm, meditative mood during the massage. For this it’s already fourteen years I’m studying spiritual practise, which the Creators will I’m cleaning myself as much physically as much spiritually.

Why us?

Not only because we love each other. Myself, Vytautas, I respect and support my wife’s idea to study Ayurveda when it seemed she has enough of works to do. Myself, Asta, I respect and support my husband in seeking of perfection. I am making healthy food for his mind and body would receive pure food. Together we listen to our spiritual leaders teachings. We talk over what we heard, consult with ones who know it better, take part in various spiritual practices. We will complement each other also in this work – one will be healing from the inside and other from the outside. We will meet in the soul.