Nasya Karma

Nasya Karma is therapy of nasal and face channels cleanse. Nose is the gates to our brains. All what we breathe and instil to the nose goes to the brain and to the centers of all our senses.  Nasya Karma is one of the parts of Ayurvedic cleanse of Panchakarma. It is not only beneficial when sick, but as well as preventive treatment.

Nasya Karma helps with:

  • failing memory, clampy mind through better flow of oxygen
  • sorethrout, tonsillitis;
  • accumulated mucus, toxins;
  • losing the voice or hoarseness (important to singers and who speak much);
  • stutter, hoarseness and voice alteration;
  • eyes illnesses – cataracta;
  • mouth illnesses, bad breath;
  • chronical rhinitis;
  • adenoids;
  • migraine or various headaches;
  • ear illnesses and pain;
  • teethaches;
  • loosing or early growth of gray hair;
  • sinusitis;
  • cough, common cold;
  • depression;
  • neck problems: pain, stiff, enchained neck or jaw joint.

Nasya Karma is not recommended when:

  • hungry or thirsty;
  • after rich food;
  • after hair wash;
  • high temperature;
  • nostril infringement.

 After the treatment: 

  • 1-2 hours do not go to the cold or to wrapyourself up;
  • 1-2 hours do not sleep, try not to talk;
  • 1 hours do not eat nor drink;
  • Whole day do not drink or eat anything cold.

Nasya Karma is repeated 1, 3, 5, 7 d. in a row depending on the degree of the illness with 3-6 month break.

Price: 39.00 €  Time: 40-50 min. Offers