Foot and Calf Massage

Foot and calf massage (temporary unavailable). In many confesions the legs are mentioned – to bow to the legs, from big respect or to wash the legs by nurturing humility, to not to disrespectfully turn the foot to the master, leave the footmarks in the life. . .

It doesn’t matter we sit at work or at home, stand, and our wonderfull legs are always down and tired, sometimes even with vein varicosis. Does it hurt the legs? Or does they spasm? Do we want to keep them up? There was the operation or you plan one? Or maybe you gracefully walk in highheels whole day and in the evening read about syndrome of tired legs? Maybe you hear cracking joints? Or maybe because you have dry tendons and they do not work properly during practices? Or maybe you often have strained tendons or any other leg injuries?

Most of the time we start to value our legs only when big injury happen. The legs are far from the heart, so it means they do have not so good nutrition and sometimes lacks of nutritiens or even oxygen. The bload with toxins from the legs has trouble to come up to the kidneys and the heart. Are the legs worth it? No, so please, thank them. And in return they will be more graceful, beautiful, healthy and elastic. In the feet there are a lot of refleting zones, which we have to active from time to time because we do not walk barefoot.

This massage effects:

  • better bloadflow in the legs – it slows because legs are most of the time down;
  • better microcirculation and vein tissue nutrition;
  • warm, rich and fragrant oil makes skin more resilient;
  • joints and bands in the feet are fed thus lessen the chanses of joint twisting and strained tendon;
  • positive effect to the cause of vein varicosis;
  • many reflexion zones in feet are activated and this improves whole heath;
  • improved mood, freshed mind, less stress lengthens the life.

Price: 35.00 €  Time: 30 min. Offers