Karna Poorna – ear therapy

It’safe ear therapy, when the special Sadbindu oil is droped to the ear after head (Shiro Abhyanga) and face massages.

Clean ear – fresh head!


  • strengthens nervous system, heals insomnia, hyper-nervousness;
  • lessens the fatigue;
  • improves the memory, act positively when the head ‘is not fresh’;
  • heals the tingle in the ears (tinnitus);
  • lessens the chronic tinnitus and heals the noises the head and ears. It starts when Vata dosha dominates – it dries the ear sound-delivery gear and then the cracking noises are heard. This time healing is opposite to the cause – oiling;
  • treats the chronical inflammation of facial and forehead opennings – sinusis;
  • treats the throat sicknesses – tonsillitis, huskiness;
  • heals common cold;
  • activates many energetic points named marma;
  • cleanse the ears from sulphur plugs;
  • heals vertigo – balance disorder;
  • helps enchained jaw.

The treatment is not recommended with:

  • ear drum is perforated;
  • sudden ear inflammation;
  • indidual allergy to herbal oil.

After the clean ear – fresh head treatment:

  • do not shower in 1hour;
  • in cold air for few hours use the ear plugs.

Karna Poorna is matching in these combinations:

  • With Shiro Abhyanga (head) and facial massage.
  • With whole body massage:
  • The little Abhyanga and massage according doshas + Karna Poorna
  • Ananda or Abhyanga massage + Karna Poorna

The best result is achieved when repeating the treatment 3,5 or 7 days in a row.