Potli – massage with warm bags

Bags are made out of the natural cloth. Indgredients are mixed in required proportions so they would make healing effect when absorbed throught the open pores in the warm skin.

Our permanent rush, stressed life disbalances the nervous system and various spasms begins. In Ayurveda this means that Vata dosha is disbalanced. In the place where is the spasm the ingresients cannot pass, the bloodstream slows down detox decays. The consequence follows as tiresome, pestilent pain, clumsy body, spinal rupture, joint strains and prothesis.

Potli massage:

  • improves bloodflow in the internals and muscles;
  • lessens the spasms in the body;
  • deeply moistens the tendons and joint tissues thus helps to avoid join prosthesis, ruptured disc and helps the existing;
  • lessens and stops the pains in joints, spinal cord and muscles;
  • fits to the very lean peole, when it’s hard to massage other way;
  • heals strained by overloading or overworked tendons;
  • improves the results of paralysis;
  • heals the inflammatory processes so it helps rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis;
  • makes the body more elastic;
  • improves cellucal nutrition;
  • detox – cleans the cells and body parts from toxins;
  • improves tissue and body parts functioning;
  • stops or lessens the pains in the bodyparts, muscle, spinal cord or joins;
  • improves skin nourishment;
  • acts as skin scrub, youthens and clense the skin;
  • makes the skin more resilient;
  • feels like aromatherapy.

It is the most effective with any Ayurvedic whole body massage.

Price: 69.00 €  Time: 70 min. Offers