Back massage

How we sit and for how long? Mostly we sit bent in the car or bus, at the work near the computer or at the home near the TV. How much loads do we have on our backs that that bent we are? How many stresses we put to the shackled neck? If any of us would calculate that ratio of active and passive hours spent almost none would be satisfied. Our bodies tells this by clumsiness, cracking joints, aches, muscle cramps, disc ruptures. We invite everybody who have these problems and ones’ who don’t want to have to feel our deep tissue back massage.

This massage effects:

  • softer dry muscle tendons so the body becomes more agile and flexible;
  • oil which was sunken through the skin goes to joints thus saving them from attrition and join prosthesis;
  • oil which was sunken through the skin goes to the spine joints thus saving from spinal disc herniations;
  • vanished neck and often head aches due to muscle spasm relaxations;
  • vanished back aches, lowered clumsiness because the shoulder-blade “fleshens” to the ribs and thus limits the natural body movements. It is easy to notise when person cannot clean its back. This massage needs strong hands;
  • better energy flow through the important energy channels after the good back massage;
  • body becomes more beautiful after nourishing the skin with the oils;
  • back musculature becomes more resilient and strechy;
  • improved mood and thinking because of better bloodstream. It also lessens the chanses of clogged brain bloodstream which happened when outgrowing blood vessels.
  • improved walking manner adds more self-esteem and improves the impression to employer, business partners and coleegues.

Price: 35.00 €  Time: 25 min. Offers