Head, face and neck massages

“As you dress they meet as you think you leave” (Lithuanian proverb). Unfortunately in our culture wrinkles are not seen beautiful. They do inspire maybe just some photographes. In our face everything is written – mood, pain, fatigue. Because of bad habits like alcohol, cigaretes, fast foos or not following the daily routine we do get old sooner than expected or wanted. Cosmetics industry manufactures cheap and expensive creams, serums, masks etc. But beloved ones! Our skin grows from the inside. According to Ayurveda we can put on our skin only what as well we can eat.

This massage effects:

  • Only natural fragranced oils are used. Why fragranced? Because smells feed the mind. Even animals do not eat without smelling the food. It is cheap to create molecule of any smell or taste using the computer and then to produce. But we are only for the natural. The nature carefully created about everything, including smells, tastes;
  • massage motions for the relaxed person eliminates the muscle spasms;
  • after improving the bloodstream the skin is nourished by the God;
  • in the skin there are plenty of neural receptors – by triggering them all the thoughts decrease to minimum;
  • by relaxing and massaging the neck it becomes elastic, free-to-move and the pain relieves;
  • after the head massage person pleasurably relaxes, also falls asleep;
  • due to better bloodstream to the brain the sleeps improves;
  • the reaction to negative stimulus lessens;
  • there are no reasons for new wrinkles and the old ones are not that deep;
  • with better nourishment the skin colour is more beautiful;
  • wish to look in to the mirror strengthens;
  • due to better self-esteem the envy goes away and there comes peace and confidence in the family.

Price: 45.00 €  Time: 35 min. Offers