Body scrub

Body scrub with natural salt and Lithuanian herbs or calamus powder

Our bodies are little picture of the Universe. Every 7 years our bodies fully renew. There is a joke, that we reincarnate many times even being alive. Everyday 300 million cells out of 23 billion are replaced by the new ones. As person gets older the less cells gets replaced. Also the metabolism slows down, mitochondrias (cells who makes cells) gets old so the skin gets chiner by 1 percent in everyyear after 40.  There is 2 percent less collagen and elastin, which makes the skin resilient every year. Connective tissue gets flabby, wrinckles appears. Every humans’ skin covers 1,6m² area and is 1,5mm thick. In some parts the skin is thinner (eye lids, genitals) – 0,5mm, and in some parts thiker – 3mm on feet. When one of the cells life is over there is another one in replacement. Snakes do change whole the skin like old clothes, other animals changes fur everyyear. Human skin, which got old has to be scrubed away, so it would not clog or be in a way to absorb the minerals and eliminate toxins, regulate body temperature.

Body scrub:

  • helps skins evaporation function;
  • improves the mineral and vitamins absobtion through the skin. Through the Ayurvedic massage the rich oil goes 5-7cm deep to the skin;
  • helps with natural detox – sweating;
  • helps for the thermoregulation process so we would not feel too cold or too hot;
  • the natural Lithuanian herbs nourishes the skin;
  • creates the condition to beautiful and even tan;
  • softens the skin;
  • stops the aging and wrinkling;
  • feels like aromatherapy;
  • raise the mood, tone, relax.

Price: 39.00 € Time: 25 min.

Most effective after the sauna.

After the sauna and body scrub the whole body massage as Little Abhyanga or massage according to doshas gets the whole potencial.

Price: 64.00 € Time: 90 min. Akcijos