Ayurvedic massages

About Ayurvedic massage

Thera are still countries where the massage tradition is still alive. The people there knows it is wiser to avoid stress, neurosis or illnesess than to cure it. However, people who are telling they have no time are stopped by forse. And then they have the time to sit in lines near the doctor’s doors or sigh in hospital’s bed.

We admire strong, shiny hair of India’s people, especially woman. And while walking on the street they do not feel ashamed because of oiled hair, because from the ancestors they know that the health is much more important. Furthermore, I think, that for Indian woman that would be more stressfull to go outside with upsweeped and varnished hair.

Ayurvedic massage is exceptional by the use of plenty heated virgin oils rubed to the skin with hands. The benefits are not hard to think when you know that in the human skin there are about 300 million pores, through which the oil can be absorbed to the body. Acording to the Ayurveda there are people of three constitutions. For the two of them dry or with little oil massage brings only short-term effect. If the person’s body is dry – he often suffers from bloating or constipation, his joints are cracking or have ruptured disc; the skin is dry, hair is damaged or nails are brittle; cold hands/feet; short memory; light sleep etc – he need full body oilment. Not onetime, even it is better than lack of care to oneself. Other constitutions, who have surplus of subtile heat, are tend to have inflammation, allergic illnesses, nervous stomach, weak or burning eyes needs to be kept cold, so if rubbed dry they will even more heatup. Our ancestors were able to make fire by rubbing two dry sticks or flints together.

Oil massage is not recommended when there is large generation of mucus, running nose or wet cough. Then it’s suitable to make massage with drying triphala or sweet calamus powder. This massage is also good when body is puffy.

Another quality of Ayurvedic massage is calmness during the massage. I remember that earlier while classic massage there were many talks. During Ayurvedic massage there has to be meditation, transcendentic music.

What’s most important is not the technique, but the energy, given by God, flowing through the palms. In every culture it has different name – prana, reiki, chi.We use this energy while touching head of crying child or rubbing aching leg. Massageur gives his energy to the one who rests on his table.

The beginning and the ending of Ayurvedic massage is short meditation – to compose and ask Him to use the person which is massaged as the tool, without any body form, age cramps and as testimonial to the opportunity to help. Especially for this it is the most important the cleanliness of massageurs body and mind. This is Satvika – our goal and our everyday practice. There only side-effect is the growing reliance while healing, rejuvenescence and relaxation.


Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga in the sanscrit means oil rubbing. This massage also is known as body cleanser. During Panchakama (Ayurvedic body cleanse) Abhyanga is needed because without it – cleanse would not be succesful. Toxins or the slag are sticky from the nature, that’s why it’s needed to make them softer so they would bounce of the walls of the organs and would be naturally wiped away. Toxins are cleaned by using a lot of warm oil while repeating movements, mostly along the body. Ayurveda’s masters tell that the warm oil can soak 5-7cm to the body and there it captures the toxins so they would be naturaly eliminated.

Another technique to detox is to activate lymph circulation. Most of the time we do not care about lymph. The jorney of the lymph begins at intercellular gaps, where it collects all the waste and toxins. Then all the lymphatic vessels joins to bigger ones until it disgorge to venous blood. In this process we are ‘’boiling in our juices”. Abhyanga ends this process. [Read more…]

Back massage

How we sit and for how long? Mostly we sit bent in the car or bus, at the work near the computer or at the home near the TV. How much loads do we have on our backs that that bent we are? How many stresses we put to the shackled neck? If any of us would calculate that ratio of active and passive hours spent almost none would be satisfied. Our bodies tells this by clumsiness, cracking joints, aches, muscle cramps, disc ruptures. We invite everybody who have these problems and ones’ who don’t want to have to feel our deep tissue back massage. [Read more…]

Face, head and neck massages

“As you dress they meet as you think you leave” (Lithuanian proverb). Unfortunately in our culture wrinkles are not seen beautiful. They do inspire maybe just some photographes. In our face everything is written – mood, pain, fatigue. Because of bad habits like alcohol, cigaretes, fast foos or not following the daily routine we do get old sooner than expected or wanted. Cosmetics industry manufactures cheap and expensive creams, serums, masks etc. But beloved ones! Our skin grows from the inside. According to Ayurveda we can put on our skin only what as well we can eat. [Read more…]

Vata, Pitta, Kapha massages

Our physical bodies are made to be quite simple from the five source elements. These are: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Different proportions of these determine our differences in character, likes, behavior, goals, hair, teeth, nail, skin colour and its properties, nervous system, apetite and any internal activity. These elements directly determine the tendency to be sick and the illnesses themselves. When the elements ratios are instabilased there comes dominating doshas of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Ayurvedic massage especially together with proper thinking, nutrition and daily routine can bring a miracle to balance the doshas. We suggest ternary offer for each invidually. Massage technique is similar just in each dosha there are different additional elements added. For the dry Vatta it’s needed to moisten, calm down through more rubbing, oiling motions. For Pitta – rumpling. Kapha dosha absorbs a lot of liquid, also weight that needs more claping, tingling and knocking. [Read more…]

Ananda massage

Ananda in sanscit means blessing. This is one of the best composed Ayurvedic massage to the whole body. It basis are the Doshas massages according to Vata, Pitta and Kaptha. Also deep tissue massages of face, head, neck and back. The name of the massage came from the people who were massaged – it was their reflections during and after the massage. [Read more…]


Shirodhara is one of the most valuable ayurvedis treatments. The name itself is formed from two words: Shiro – head and dhara meaning dripping. During this treatment the oil, milk, whey or herb decoction is driped on the forehead to the third eye. Treatment is most effective with whole body or at least head, neck, face oil massage and cleanse (Panchakarma). This is not only very pleasant procedure, bet also healthful. [Read more…]

Nasya Karma

Nasya Karma is therapy of nasal and face channels cleanse. Nose is the gates to our brains. All what we breathe and instil to the nose goes to the brain and to the centers of all our senses.  Nasya Karma is one of the parts of Ayurvedic cleanse of Panchakarma. It is not only beneficial when sick, but as well as preventive treatment. [Read more…]

Foot and Calf massage

Foot and calf massage. In many confesions the legs are mentioned – to bow to the legs, from big respect or to wash the legs by nurturing humility, to not to disrespectfully turn foot to the master, leave the footmarks in the life… [Read more…]

Facial SPA „Lotus flower“

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Happy woman – happy family – happy society.

In our faces there are written many information, we just do not know how to read. Experienced eye of Ayurveda professional can see the dominating body type according to our skin, hair, eyes, ears, nose and neck properties. In our faces it is written all the information about our stresses and happiness, likes (not always positive), age, bad daily routine, bad nutrition. Hiding it away by use of face powder is only lying to yourself. We live in the very materialistic society where all the superficial matters are stressed, so it is difficult to resist to the rejuvenating, anti-aging, anti-wrikles treatments by cosmetics industry. While in Ayurveda all is made out of natural products. Only what is edible can be rubbed to our skin, because all the ingredients from the cosmetics are absorbed to the bloodstream and shared throughout the body. Our skin is harmed by the uncontrollable and various factors as air, rain, dust and chemical pollution. [Read more…]