Vata, Pitta and Kapha massages

Our physical bodies are made to be quite simple from the five source elements. These are: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Different proportions of these determine our differences in character, likes, behavior, goals, hair, teeth, nail, skin colour and its properties, nervous system, apetite and any internal activity. These elements directly determine the tendency to be sick and the illnesses themselves. When the elements ratios are instabilased there comes dominating doshas of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Ayurvedic massage especially together with proper thinking, nutrition and daily routine can bring a miracle to balance the doshas. We suggest ternary offer for each invidually. Massage technique is similar just in each dosha there are different additional elements added. For the dry Vatta it’s needed to moisten, calm down through more rubbing, oiling motions. For Pitta – rumpling. Kapha dosha absorbs a lot of liquid, also weight that needs more claping, tingling and knocking.

This massage effects:

  • the disbalanced dosha which was the consequence of illnesses balances. Which dosha is disbalanced can be indicated by yourself or with the help of Doctor;
  • there is effect on various psychical and physical disorders;
  • person character softens because depression, aggression, resentments, opposition lessens;
  • in Kapha dosha body intumescence lessens and better lymph and blood circulation forms. There can be influence to persons’ weight;
  • positive effect to the blood-pressure;
  • better proceeding kidneys;
  • hearth work is smaller because the blood stasis in the lims are dislodged;
  • the body is detoxicated and youthened;
  • better plasticity in joints, tendons;
  • relieved neck, head or quite often also spinal pains;
  • the skins tugor is improved – improved resilience;
  • improved collagen generation and quality, better synthesis – wrinkles diminishes;
  • better positiveness and improved motivation to help for yourself and for the others.

Price: 49.00 €  Time: 50 min. Offers