Facial SPA “Lotus flower”

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Happy woman – happy family – happy society.

In our faces there are written many information, we just do not know how to read. Experienced eye of Ayurveda professional can see the dominating body type according to our skin, hair, eyes, ears, nose and neck properties. In our faces it is written all the information about our stresses and happiness, likes (not always positive), age, bad daily routine, bad nutrition. Hiding it away by use of face powder is only lying to yourself. We live in the very materialistic society where all the superficial matters are stressed, so it is difficult to resist to the rejuvenating, anti-aging, anti-wrikles treatments by cosmetics industry. While in Ayurveda all is made out of natural products. Only what is edible can be rubbed to our skin, because all the ingredients from the cosmetics are absorbed to the bloodstream and shared throughout the body. Our skin is harmed by the uncontrollable and various factors as air, rain, dust and chemical pollution.

The oil mix used for facial SPA “Lotus flower” is suitable to all the skin types. It consists of rose, olive, walnut, carrot, lemon and grape dice oils. After skin cleanse with rosewater and gentle scrub the skin is vaporized so the oils would sunk deeper. The the skin is massaged and you have the pleasure to lay down with the skin mask for 15min. You cannot wait till you try it, yes?

Lotus flower is growing from the silt, but does not get dirty. And when it flowers it is the most beautiful of the flowers. There can be paralels to our lifes.

With systematic treatment of facial SPA “Lotus flower” you get:

  • nicer and younger skin due to better bloodflow;
  • wrinkles disappear;
  • the skin colour is naturally healthy;
  • better collagen generation in combination with improved nutrition;
  • clean pores and cleared blackheads;
  • better metabolism because there are many actived points- marmas in the facial skin;
  • balanced hormone system – it’s happy, shining woman, spreading love, warmth, beauty;
  • better mood, self-esteem and thus better relationship;
  • many seen or told compliments from surrounding.

Price: 37.00 €  Time: 50 min. Offers