Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga in the sanscrit means oil rubbing. This massage also is known as body cleanser. During Panchakama (Ayurvedic body cleanse) Abhyanga is needed because without it – cleanse would not be succesful. Toxins or the slag are sticky from the nature, that’s why it’s needed to make them softer so they would bounce of the walls of the organs and would be naturally wiped away. Toxins are cleaned by using a lot of warm oil while repeating movements, mostly along the body. Ayurveda’s masters tell that the warm oil can soak 5-7cm to the body and there it captures the toxins so they would be naturaly eliminated.

Another technique to detox is to activate lymph circulation. Most of the time we do not care about lymph. The jorney of the lymph begins at intercellular gaps, where it collects all the waste and toxins. Then all the lymphatic vessels joins to bigger ones until it disgorge to venous blood. In this process we are ‘’boiling in our juices”. Abhyanga ends this process.

This massage effects:

  • detoxication by soften the toxins;
  • deep body purification;
  • enliven lymp; 
  • cleaning of thousands of energetic channels;
  • better bloodstream leads to better oxygen and nutritrient supply to cleansed body tissues;
  • lessening or ending various pains by muscle relaxation and stoping the spasms in deep body parts;
  • brain relaxion from the stresses;
  • decrese of fear, worries, confusions and fatigue;
  • better relaxation and memory;
  • harmony in body and spirit;
  • balance of digestive system by massage around navel;
  • rejuvenescence due to detoxification, relaxation and skin nurturing. Astronomical age stays, but biologically it lessens notably.

Price: 59.00 €  Time: 70-75 min. Offers