Ananda massage

Ananda in sanscit means blessing. This is one of the best composed Ayurvedic massage to the whole body. It basis are the Doshas massages according to Vata, Pitta and Kaptha. Also deep tissue massages of face, head, neck and back. The name of the massage came from the people who were massaged – it was their reflections during and after the massage.

This massage effects:

  • relaxed body is nourished with rich virgin oils through the many pores in the skin;
  • better limph flow leads to better detox;
  • better bloodflow leads to better food and oxygen supply to body tissues;
  • better bloodflow leads to better elimination of salts from the body;
  • improved movement in joints;
  • pains in joints, muscles or spinal cord is lessen or disappears;
  • better bloodflow in the limbs is good preventive to vein varicose;
  • body leads to better self-treatment when the active special reflective point in palms and feet are activated;
  • mind relaxes from the stresses, planning and calculation;
  • person feels more relaxed or even falls asleep;
  • the physical body youthens;
  • better immunity.

Price: 59.00 €  Time: 70-75 min. Offers